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Baxendale Woods

Baxendale Woods

Lawrence Island

Lawrence Island

Red Brook Pond

Red Brook Pond

Little Bay & Monks Park

Little Bay - Monks Park

Baxendale Woods

The Baxendale Woods 18-acre parcel is located at 55 Megansett Road, abutting more than 5 acres of existing BCT and Town of Bourne conservation land to the north. The conservation history of this land began in 1927 when Esther and Thomas Baxendale generously bequeathed Amrita Island, the buildings and the surrounding property to Harvard University and later to the Boston-based Animal Rescue League as a "perpetual memorial… to provide education on the care of wildlife.". Read more...

Lawrence Island

Forty years ago, with development booming all over Cape Cod, the Bourne Conservation Trust's first purchase was Lawrence Island, an effort supported by a robust fundraising campaign. Tracing ownership through the years is a long and complicated process but eventually the Trust was able to acquire the property from Red Acre Farm, a charitable organization that trained service dogs for the deaf. Partnerships with the State, the Town, and the Audubon Society were considered but, to retain local control, sole ownership by the BCT became the goal. Read more...

Red Brook Pond

Preserving more of nature was the major motivation for the Bourne Conservation Trust's decision in1986 to embark on the largest purchase of land since the Trust's founding just a few years earlier. Although individual gifts of land pre-date the BCT decision to undertake the Red Brook Pond Project, there is little doubt that the pledge to raise 1.3 million dollars (more than twice that amount in today's dollars) was our largest major commitment to open space preservation. Read more...

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Walking Trails:

Baxendale Woods
Bourne Sisters Woodland
Little Bay
Monks Park (Town of Bourne)
Cape Cod Canal Access
~ Nickerson Conservation Area
~ Freeman Farm
Red Brook Pond Conservation Area
Spring Hill Farm
Cataumet Green Way
~ DeNormandie Woods
~ Joyce Paths
~ Birch Woods
~ Broyer Conservation Area (Town of Bourne)
~ Handy Conservation Area
~ Robinson Conservation Area (Town of Bourne)
~ Kingman
~ Cataumet Depot
~ Washington Park (Town of Bourne)
Lawrence Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Cataumet Garden Center

Scenic Vistas and Village Preservation (Rural Character Preservation)

Pocasset Park
George S. Read Woodland
Dimmick Waterfront
Dimmick Field
Shultz Corner and Cobb Corner
Foster Howard Road Corner
Ocean Avenue Corner
The Triangle
Cataumet Crossing

Flora and Fauna Habitat Preservation (no public access)

Paulinda Road
Broad Swamp
Mashnee/Gray Gables
Wing's Neck Conservation
Toby Island Preserve
Bassett's Island Nature Preserve
Wijnties Preserve
Pond Island Bog


MacArthur Blvd lots
Falmouth Avenue lots

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The Bourne Conservation Trust is a private nonprofit land trust with a primary objective of acquiring land and leaving it in its natural state to: protect habitats, provide groundwater recharge, preserve rural ambiance, and make it available for recreational and educational purposes. The BCT owns and maintains over 300 acres of open space. Miles of walking trails thread their way through these protected woods and waterfront areas. The BCT is always looking for volunteers and donors to help achieve its mission and both maintain and enhance its properties.

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