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Current Events...

Enter the KAHLIN'S CORNER - BCT PHOTO Contest 2022! See 2021 Winners below.

FLOWERS! The 2022 Contest will accept both photos and drawings of your favorite flower or flowering tree.
• Anyone, of any age, can enter.
• Email copies of original files with NO size reduction or image manipulation to: bct.trails@gmail.com.
• Drawings can be mailed to BCT, Box 203, Cataumet, MA 02534
or delivered to Ballentine's Boat Shop, 1104 RT 28A, Cataumet.
• Include your name and contact information with your entry.
• All entries are due on or before December 31, 2022.


Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for the annual contest. We are grateful once again to have Tyler Fields, a professional photographer, as our contest judge. Tyler's comments on each photo makes one take a closer look and appreciate even more the subject matter.


Past Events...

EyesOnOwls.com Live Owl Programs

Eyes On Owls

• This outdoor program is for kids and adults (please, no dogs).
• Seating is on the ground, so we recommend bringing a towel or blanket to sit on.
• Parking is at Cataumet Methodist Church (1091 County Road, Cataumet).
• There is a short walk through woods on well marked trail to SHF from parking.
• If the weather is questionable on May 6 please call 508-563-2884 for a recorded message.
• Admission is free, but donations to the Bourne Conservation Trust would be appreciated.
• If you have questions or would like to volunteer to help on May 6, please email bct.trails@gmail.com

THANK YOU... to all who participated!

Fall 2022 clean-Up

BCT Christmas Tree Sale

Baxendale Woods

All of our EVENTS will be posted here and on our Facebook Page, so visit often to see what we're planning next.

BCT Matching Grant to Build Endowment = Success!

matching endowment

Catumet Village

A BIG "Thank You" to our Volunteers!

spring clean-up

BCT 3rd Annual Children's Art Contest!

Entry deadline (artists age 12 and under): January 31, 2019;
Find out How to Enter Children's Art Contest.

BCT Children's Art Contest

Find out more about our Annual Childrens' Art Contest in Newsletter 52 page 10 or HERE!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The 38th running of the Cape Cod Road Runners Winter Fun Run will be held in rain, light snow or shine, with awards for the top three finishers in each category, from juniors to 70+. A raffle and cash bar will follow the race, along with complementary chowder, water and a pair of running gloves. The start and finish is at the Weary Travelers Club, 77 Valley Bars Road, Monument Beach. All proceeds go to the Bourne Conservation Trust. For more information, visit Cape Cod Road Runners web site.

Cape Cod Road Runners

BCT 2nd Annual Children's Art Contest!

Entry deadline (artists age 12 and under): January 31, 2018;
Find out How to Enter Children's Art Contest.

BCT Children's Art Contest

Find out more about our Annual Childrens' Art Contest in Newsletter 51 or HERE!

BCT Christmas Tree Sale - 2017!
Saturday, December 9th, 11am-2pm

BCT Christmas Tree Sale 2017

BCT Members and friends once again have the unique opportunity to harvest their own Cape-grown Christmas tree! Mark you calendar for Saturday, December 10th, 11am to 2am. Park behind the Dimmick barn at 1167 County Road and walk back to the tree farm to find balsam, spruce, Scotch pine, Concolor fir, and more. They come in all shapes and sizes and this year we have put extra effort into pruning and shaping.

Cape Christmas Trees!

This small, private Christmas tree farm nurtures Scotch Pine, Blue Spruce, and Balsam, White and Concolor Firs (and maybe a few other varieties). They come in all shapes and sizes, a few of them are over 10' tall. While these trees are pruned, they are very definitely "natural" shape, each different from the next, each with plenty of room for ornaments. You will never have a fresher tree, and 100% of the proceeds is a donation to the Bourne Conservation Trust

All proceeds benefit the BCT

BCT on Stage at the Schoolhouse

BCT on Stage with Grace Rowe

The BCT has a tale to tell and Grace Rowe, one of our trustees, had the opportunity to tell it at one of the August "Tuesday Talks" at the Cataumet Schoolhouse. More than 40 people came to hear about this most amazing land trust and how the Bourne community helped get this grass roots organization to where it is today.

"It all started when Philip Denormandie and Steve Ballentine crossed paths back in 1980, in the height of a Cape Cod building boom, and discovered they shared a common approach to land: preserve it; keep it in its natural state; when possible, make it available for the pleasure of all. After 40 years of persistent work, the Bourne Conservation Trust, founded by Philip and Steve, has received more than $5 million in donations and acquired 265 acres of open space in the town of Bourne, including marshland, wetlands, woodlands, areas fronting on ponds and cranberry bogs, an island wildlife sanctuary, working farm and historic train depot."

Text of Grace Rowe's presentation HERE

Spring Hill Farm - Spring Clean-up Day!

A big Thank You to all who participated!
Saturday, April 22nd - Earth Day

Spring Hill Farm Clean-up Day
Clean-up time between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm

Spring Hill Farm

1079 County Road
Cataumet, MA 02534

Bring a rake and a friend; or 10 friends!
Other useful tools: clippers, tarps, leaf blower, leather gloves, etc.

Refreshments in the Barn
Coffee, Tea, Water, Cranberry Juice, and healthy snacks. Yum!

Annual CCA Easter Egg Hunt!

The annual CCA Easter Egg Hunt was held at Spring Hill Farm on Saturday, April 8 at 10:30. We met in the Cataumet Methodist Church parking lot.

2017 Egg Hunt

Barnyard Sale & Family Farm Day at Spring Hill Farm - 2016!

Saturday, May 28, 2016 - A fun day with beautiful weather!

About 300 people visited the farm, for some it was a quick stop in a busy day and others took the time to explode, feed the goats, chat with old friends, make new friends, volunteer to help the CCA (Cataumet Civic Associates) or the BCT, and many left with a treasure or two.

Enjoy our SLIDESHOW of the Barnyard Sale and Family Farm Day (click the link or on the image below to launch photos!):

Slideshow image to click

Barnyard Sale and Family farm Day 2016

Barnyard Sale at Spring Hill Farm - May 28th

Cape Christmas Trees - Spring Planting 2016

A benefit for the Bourne Conservation Trust

Now's the time to plant
a vision of things to come
Christmas 2023

white spruce seedling

THANK YOU... Cape Christmas Trees! ~ BCT


Annual CCA Easter Egg Hunt 2016

Our March 19, 2016, annual CCA Easter Egg Hunt at Spring Hill Farm was a great success. Although it was chilly, the sun was shining and a good time was had by all.

easter egg hunt 2016

36th ANNUAL WINTER FUN RUN - January 3, 2016


Thanks to the more than 160 runners and spectators who came out on a chilly Sunday for the Cape Cod Runners Winter Fun Run to benefit the BCT. Mike Norton came in first, with a time of 29:00. For more results, see list of runners...

Mike Norton - 2016 winner CCRR

Cape Cod Roadrunners 2016

Cape Cod Roadrunners Race 2016

Cape Christmas Trees! 2015

There were 12-15 "limited edition" trees that were sold. All proceeds to the BCT.

Cape Christmas Trees

Family Open House 2015

Sponsored by the Bourne Conservation Trust and Cataumet Civic Associates

2014 Yard sale

Easter Egg Hunt 2014

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