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Mark your calendar to kick off summer and plan to attend!

2016 Barnyard Sale

BCT Barnyard Sale logoIT'S NOT TOO LATE TO RESERVE your display space, to participate in our "small event" that could return BIG results, especially if you don't want to go to the trouble of having a garage sale to sell your unwanted or unneeded merchandise.

Bring your gently used items to the Barnyard Sale at Spring Hill Farm and sell them on Saturday morning, May 28th (Memorial Day weekend). NO Fees to reserve your display space or to sell your merchandise but any size donation to BCT, after the sale, would be greatly appreciated. We do ask that you make your RESERVATION for a display space to sell items, so we can plan the layout of the entire sale area in advance.

Please fill out our PDF RESERVATION FORM online and return via email to, or fill out requested information on a printed Reservation Form and (snail)mail it to BCT at: Box 203, Cataumet, MA 02534 - or call 508-563-2884. We'd like to have your reservation by May 27th so we can meet with those of you who will be selling, prior to the event, to show you where your display space will be located for showing and selling items

See Events Page on this web site, and visit our BCT Facebook Page for Barnyard Sale information and updates, as well.

Memorial Fence Donations

BCT Memorial Fence We have replaced the horse paddock wire fence (on the northwest side) at Spring Hill Farm with a split rail "memorial" fence and are accepting Fence Donations of $100 which will buy a section of fence. The donor can dedicate each section to the memory of their pets, animal friends, their people friends or family. A dedication plaque for the fence post is included in your donation. To donate, please complete this Memorial Fence Donation form and send it with your check to: Bourne Conservation Trust, Box 203, Cataumet, MA 02534.

Get a PDF of our latest BCT NEWSLETTER, or request a hard copy that we will mail to you!

Brand new 2016 edition BCT Trail Guides are now available at Town Hall, Parker's Boat Yard, the Bourne Library, Ballentine's Boat Shop or by requesting one ( or call 508-563-2884) or visit BCT TRAILS page on this web site.

Trail Meisters
More Thanks Along the Trails

There are updated signs and trail maps at Little Bay, thanks to our Trail Meisters.

The BCT has assembled a great team of Trail Meisters who oversee the care and maintenance of our trails. And as you know there are many trails. Like the rest of us, the Trail Meisters cannot be in all places at all times and cannot know what has happened on all the trails. That's where many of you come in. Thanks go out to our trail and dog walkers who notify us of problems (broken branches; downed trees, etc.); pick up and dispose of trash; carry clippers to trim new growth; and provide support to the Trail Meisters.

As always, special thanks go to our Trail Meisters: Dick Boyden, Bill Dibella, Jay Fisher, George Gillis, Don Mears, Rick Rheinhardt, Carl Wirsen, Joe Hurley, and John Woodley. The BCT would not be the same without you!

To report blow downs or other problems along the trails, please email the BCT: or call 508-563-2884

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The Bourne Conservation Trust is a private nonprofit land trust with a primary objective of acquiring land and leaving it in its natural state to: protect habitats, provide groundwater recharge, preserve rural ambience, and make it available for recreational and educational purposes. The BCT owns and maintains over 200 acres of open space. Miles of walking trails thread their way through these protected woods and waterfront areas.

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Note: The BCT is tax exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Within IRS guidelines, contributions may be tax deductible from your taxable income. Please consult your tax advisor for more information. The BCT Tax ID Number (TIN) is: 04-2767827.

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